Disposable Coat, white

Disposable Gloves and Overalls

Disposable Gloves Nitrile Basic

QuickLock Heater 2.0

MiniCutter for semen straws

Thawing device MT30/54, 38°C (100.4°F), 12 V, with control and lift

Varikon Speculum for cows, sterilizable up to 150°C

Tweezers, angled, blunt, 15 cm, stainless steel

Tweezers, straight, blunt, 25 cm, stainless steel

Hexagonal Goblet, 100/bag

Goblet, diameter 65 mm, white, 25/bag, 175/cardboard box

Goblet, diameter 35 mm, white, 25/bag

Goblet, diameter 13 mm, white, 300/bag