Tibaani Breeding Center

Tibaani Center of Livestock Breeding and Artificial Insemination

Livestock Breeding Center of Caucasus Genetics is located in Tibaani village of Kakheti region.

An opening of the Breeding Center in 2009 (the construction of the Center was supported by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia) promoted the improvement of the characteristics of the existing animal breeds in the country and solvingorganizational, technical and scientific problems related to animal breeds selection throughout the country.

In this Livestock Breeding Center the process of production, cryopreservation, and packaging of biological material (semen) of local and imported highly productive oxen and  boars according to the international standards were introduced for the first time in the South Caucasian region for further artificial insemination in the field of cattle and pig breeding. All the above-mentionedaffectsthe improvement of animal breeds low productivity and ensures better disease control.

The biological material in the Center is produced from the specially selected young breeds ofhigh genetic potential oxen and boars which meet the genetic requirements and which undergo regular testing process on the main breeding characteristics. The Center also works on breeding the endemic animals (Caucasian Tsabla, Megrelian Red and Georgian Mountaneous breeds of cattle).

Caucasus Genetics Livestock Breeding Center is equipped by the laboratory of modern standards (Minitube – Germany) and in the process of producing it uses the worldwide recognized modern technology. Hence in the issue of standards and labelling, it equals the level of developed countries.

There is the only Study Center organized on the basis of Livestock Breeding Center that prepares professional technologists of artificial insemination (AI) in Georgia.

Aiming at the permanent improvement of the knowledge and experience of local specialists, international experts in the field of livestock breeding, agro-engineering, andfeedmanufacturingare regularly invited to conduct the trainings.