Udder Paper UdderoClean

Udder Cloth UdderoClean ECO• 40 cloths per bag • reusable cloth for cleaning udders and reducing bacteria levels • machine washable and can be boiled to 95 °C

Udder Towels wet

Udder Care Product KerbaMint 35

Dip Cup Standard

Dip-Sprayer with Upper Cup

Scrub Brush

Round-headed brush

Universal and boiler brush

Liner Brush

Milk Test Liquid KerbaTEST

Schalm Test Disc

Milking Test Strip Cup

X-Spurt Test Paddle original SHOOF

Indicator Paper

Mastitis Detector

Fleece Filters and Accessories Twin Pulse Tube

Double Milking Machine for cow (Gasoline Engine) TK 2-AK(G.E.)

Pulse Tube

Main Tube PVC

Main Tube

Double Milking Machines (Electrical) TK 2-AK

Economic Milking Machines Junior DJK 1-AK

Milk Tube

Sana Disc Milk Filters