Feeding Bucket with Hygienic Valve ... the one with the lid

Product code:14210

This newly developed hygienic valve with its “lid mechanism" reduces disease-bearing germs and can improve the health of your calves.

This newly developed hygienic valve with its “lid mechanism” uses a lid in the valve instead of a ball check valve and therefore can be easily cleaned with any appropriate round brush. The intake manifold is removable, meaning that there are no inaccessible corners when cleaning the valve, and angled pieces can also be cleaned. Similarly, the teat is easy to remove because of the use of a bayonet-lock. The cleaned teat and bayonet ring are positioned on the so-called drying aid (a small plastic component which plugs into the side of the feeder handles) and is thus kept in optimal condition.

  • with metal handle
  • acid-proof
  • food safe
  • easy to clean
  • bracket sold separately (1410)

The Kerbl hygienic valve solves three problems with a single flap

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Therefore fewer germs – healthier calves
  3. Therefore lower veterinary and valve costs

Available in customer-specific composition. Note the instructions at the end of the catalogue.



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