About Us

About us

Caucasus Genetics is the main provider in the sphere of livestock farming, farm equipment provision, milk and meat processing, livestock breeds supply and artificial insemination in the country.

  • We usethe world-known innovative technologies and best practices in the direction of livestock breeding;
  • Our team consists of the professionals with international (European and American) qualification, having more than 25-years working experience in livestock farming;
  • We provide a high quality of services and products for the efficiency and effectiveness of farming;
  • We represent a loyal and reliable partner for long-term cooperation;
  • Our customers’ successis our main priority.


Main Directions

  • Development and implementation of projects and concepts of modern type farms of cattle, pig and poultry breeding;
  • Import of highly productive milk and meat cattle, pig and goat breeds from Europe;
  • Development of animal feed minerals (feed supplements) feed manufacturing technologies and balanced feed ration;
  • Artificial insemination in cattle and pig farming – distribution of cattle and pig semen and embryo materials and follow on service provision;
  • Equipment, projection, and montage of livestock breeding farms (cattle, pig and poultry farming);
  • Production lines, projections, engineering and consulting services for meat and milk processing;
  • Consultations and training programs provision;

We cooperate with the leading American and European companies of livestock breeding sector with the outstanding product and service quality standards.


We have a huge variety of products (more than 7000)

- Caucasus Genetics offers its customersdeeply frozen sperm of all main milk and meat breeds of livestock for artificial insemination. The diversified genetic base of international standard samples ensures the provision of hugevariety of products which meets the requirements of the customers. At the same time, we offer the best genetics pedigree pigs of various breeds for the production of high quality meat and profit increase.

- Caucasus Genetics offers its customers huge variety of products for their farmsin its full set for perfect operating, such as: equipment for livestock farming (cattle, pig and poultry breeding), instruments for artificial insemination, automaticand mobile milking systems, vitamins and minerals for feeding the animals, means for identification, etc. We also offer the pasture management systems (electric fence), milk analyzers (lacto-scan), Dewar Flask, veterinary equipment and tools, Lucerne seeds for feed manufacturing, brucellosis test for recurrence reaction and many other products and services.